Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Magic of Christmas...

well... the REAL magic is that I finally got my sign done, a month and a half after starting it. Here's where I started - this vinyl "Family Masterpieces" has been on my wall for a couple of years.  (and I still love it)  Every Christmas season I wrap all these framed family photos under it with wrapping paper and big pretty bows, and hang them back up - -  (sidenote, wow all these pictures are outdated! Time to get some new ones!) 
- - the whole arrangement has been BEGGING for a sign to go over it. SO - here is kind of a preview of what it will look like next holiday season - (minus the wrapped presents, sorry you can't get the full effect here, I'm not wrapping them all right now just for a photo, you'll have to wait til the day after Thanksgiving! ) - - 7 of these frames will be wrapped beautifully, and then the last frame (one of the big ones) will hold a picture of Christ (hence the saying...)
What do you think?  See? My "Family Masterpieces" vinyl is still good as new, hidden under the sign, waiting to be uncovered again after Christmas is over.  Yeah!  You can have your cake and eat it too, or rather, have your holiday vinyl and eat it too, oh, wait...   ha!

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