Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a custom Christmas!

Whew! I know I've been neglecting this blog, and our Facebook page, but I've been super busy creating all sorts of custom designs for people's Christmas/wedding/teacher/anniversary/baby gifts! Not to mention getting my own Christmas cards out, editing family photos for family and friends, throwing myself a birthday party... yeah, I know! From chargers to custom monogram mugs to all sorts of signs to lighted nativity glass blocks... you get the picture. I wasn't organized enough to take pictures of all that I did, but here are a few:
This was for a wedding gift - wedding was last weekend!
This was for an anniversary gift - thoughtful and classy! I did another one just like this for my sister except it said "Our Family is Forever" - and of course I wrapped it before I remembered I didn't take a picture, lol...
I did five of these chargers real quick for a friends' teacher gifts - they turned out great, especially the black ones:
The silver chargers did NOT photograph well, but they were pretty too:
These polka-dotted mugs with hot cocoa packets were OUR teacher gifts (not really, because this is a generic one and all of ours had the teachers' monograms - "Mrs. F" or just "S" etc. We even did music note-themed mugs for our piano and orchestra teachers!!) Yes, this is PERMANENT vinyl and dishwasher safe. Too cool. Even cooler that I had found these plain, nice black mugs at a thrift store for 50 cents a piece.
This is not a finished project photo because I did the vinyl only for this one, but it is going to be put on the glass of an 11x14 backless frame for a baby gift. Too sweet, way more thoughtful than my standard gift of diapers!!!
Last but not least are custom signs I did for a woman who is getting one for herself, and one for each of her children. This patriotic quote is meaningful to all of them. Pictures won't do it justice, but I painted the signs to look like old parchment and they are AWESOME if I do say so myself! Honestly, this is probably the prettiest thing I've made all month, and believe me, I've made lots of pretty things the last few weeks! Check it out:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Families Rule! (Or Family Rules. You choose.)

I'm liking these "Rules" signs more and more as I see them around... here's one version we've done, hanging on the wall of my lovely friend Taisey.
Just to give you an idea of scale, this is her standing next to it (though she wouldn't send me a photo of her face!!!)

So do you have a list of "rules" that you'd like to have as a visual/graphic reminder in your home somewhere? This one is done in classic white vinyl on a black board, but of course the color combos are endless! Prices start at $40 for a 20x30 sign.


Great sale today! The Two Chicks were at SRP's Christmas Party/Boutique today and sold out of almost everything! Thanks everyone for stopping by. Now we get to get our tail feathers moving again and make all new stuff... awesome!

SOLD OUT... but making more:
Family definition sign • Nativity Glass Blocks • CHRIST Frames • Santa Cookie Plates • Sun Devil subway art • Sun Devil Country sign • Sun Devil Parking sign • Dear Santa define Nice signs • Believe in the Magic 2-color sign • The Magic of Christmas ... presents Sign • It's not easy being a princess sign • Boys live here signs • Welcome friends and family sign • Gratitude is an Attitude tile • We Believe tile

Oh, and we got to see THIS GUY. He was great!