Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a custom Christmas!

Whew! I know I've been neglecting this blog, and our Facebook page, but I've been super busy creating all sorts of custom designs for people's Christmas/wedding/teacher/anniversary/baby gifts! Not to mention getting my own Christmas cards out, editing family photos for family and friends, throwing myself a birthday party... yeah, I know! From chargers to custom monogram mugs to all sorts of signs to lighted nativity glass blocks... you get the picture. I wasn't organized enough to take pictures of all that I did, but here are a few:
This was for a wedding gift - wedding was last weekend!
This was for an anniversary gift - thoughtful and classy! I did another one just like this for my sister except it said "Our Family is Forever" - and of course I wrapped it before I remembered I didn't take a picture, lol...
I did five of these chargers real quick for a friends' teacher gifts - they turned out great, especially the black ones:
The silver chargers did NOT photograph well, but they were pretty too:
These polka-dotted mugs with hot cocoa packets were OUR teacher gifts (not really, because this is a generic one and all of ours had the teachers' monograms - "Mrs. F" or just "S" etc. We even did music note-themed mugs for our piano and orchestra teachers!!) Yes, this is PERMANENT vinyl and dishwasher safe. Too cool. Even cooler that I had found these plain, nice black mugs at a thrift store for 50 cents a piece.
This is not a finished project photo because I did the vinyl only for this one, but it is going to be put on the glass of an 11x14 backless frame for a baby gift. Too sweet, way more thoughtful than my standard gift of diapers!!!
Last but not least are custom signs I did for a woman who is getting one for herself, and one for each of her children. This patriotic quote is meaningful to all of them. Pictures won't do it justice, but I painted the signs to look like old parchment and they are AWESOME if I do say so myself! Honestly, this is probably the prettiest thing I've made all month, and believe me, I've made lots of pretty things the last few weeks! Check it out:

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