Sunday, January 16, 2011

Custom Family Frames

We did this custom order for Christmas.
Just imagine YOUR last name in the frame, instead of that one! (Or HOME, or LOVE, or the last name of someone you'd like to give a gift to! What about a wedding or anniversary gift?) We can also customize the saying through the middle, if you want something more appropriate for your family "For Time and All Eternity" perhaps, or "Our Family is Forever" or "We crazies stick together" etc. etc.
You make recognize this idea from the backless CHRIST frames we did a few months ago - On top of the CHRIST vinyl it reads "Believe him, Trust him, Follow him" This is the one that's hanging on my red wall, which I love:
Of course we can make one like this too! Vinyl only (in 2 colors!) for this custom project is $15. Name will be in beige vinyl, the saying in black and it measures approximately 15" wide by 6" tall. Yes we can cut it bigger, just contact us for price. If you want it on a frame just like this, we'll talk. Just leave a comment or email us!

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  1. Ladies I have a question for you - I am doing a wedding box for a young couple who are getting married in Seattle in April and then they are heading off to BYU Hawaii to continue their university studies - would you be willing to share the name of the fancy font you used on the Fackrell sign i.e. for time and all eternity. If you choose not to I can understand, thanks - my email address is - Burt from Chilliwack BC Canada