Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Custom Name Signs.

Many of you who've been to my house know I planned this big wrought-iron looking vinyl sign by my front door for forever before I actually made it happen - but the result was worth the wait! This ginormous vinyl hanging "sign" looks perfect, I think, next to my super tall front door (If you have a shorter door you may want the smaller version!)

Cost is $30 for a big version like mine - which is about 20" tall -

The smaller version is about 14" tall (appropriate for human-sized doors) and will be $24.

I guess we could make one even smaller, say, if you happen to be a HOBBIT.

Let me know if you want one - we'll of course personalize it with YOUR name and wedding year, or you can just put "WELCOME" or something else of your choice "Go Away" maybe? Ha! Don't you just adore it? Delish.

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